Polygraph Testing for Post Convicted Sex Offenders.(PCSOT)

Many states have developed programs for the treatment and monitoring of sex offenders during their parole or probation periods. Many treatment programs require initial and periodic polygraphs for the purposes of verifying treatment compliance, recidivism, and parole violations. Standards for Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing have been established by the APA and ASTM. Special training and certification is required to provide this type of testing.

Types of Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing:

  • Sexual History Disclosure-Verification of the truthfulness of the subjects full disclosure of past sexual activities.
  • Maintenance/Monitoring- Verification that the subject has not reoffended while in treatment. Determination of any issues relating to parole, probation, or treatment to ascertain whether any violations of the guidelines have occurred.
  • Instant Offense-This testing is used for those subjects in denial or rationalization of the crime to determine whether the crime was actually committed by the subject.

Employee Testing

Pre-Employment Polygraph Exams-Polygraph screening of employees are permitted for law enforcement agencies as well as those companies involved with security and companies involved in sales/transportation of controlled substances.

Specific Loss Exam- Employers are permitted to request that employees submit to a polygraph exam under certain conditions, as provided by the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988.

Domestic/Family Issues

Polygraph testing is used to resolve relationship issues. Fidelity and Cheating issues can be addressed to help determine questions of trust in a relationship.

Civil Cases/Specific Issue Testing









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